Mrs. Rayburn's First Grade Page

Julie Rayburn

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Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded”  unknown Every child is blessed with a unique ability. As a teacher, I want to help each child to flourish with no parameters and to inspire them for a love of learning for a lifetime. I want them to have a safe environment to gain knowledge and to be challenged but not threatened. Developing self discipline is one of the greatest traits children can build on. Incorporating group learning while fostering individual levels of achievement will give every child a chance to excel to their own skill level. I love music and incorporate it into many of my applications in my classroom. It is usually the smallest things that I find most rewarding, the moment when they have mastered a new skill or learned a life lesson on the playground. When I see them accept responsibility, embrace their tasks with passion and experience the joy of learning, I feel their delight many times over. I feel honored to serve Plainview Schools as a member of the first grade teaching staff.