Continuous Learning

Primary Continuous Learning Plan

Welcome to our Plainview Primary Webpage! We are working diligently to provide a continuous learning framework to keep our students learning, despite this pandemic situation we are facing. Please give your child a great big hug for me, and tell her/him I miss their precious smiles and hugs each morning. We are going to do many things that I need you to watch for to stay connected. We are a school family, and that will not change! Please reach out to your teacher or to me if you have any questions. We are all on this journey together.

Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020, your teacher will be posting and communicating instructional activities for your child. Our teachers have been working diligently to provide the best learning endeavors for your child in this situation. Each week you will receive lessons to complete. Our staff will have office hours from 11:00am – 12:00noon. We will be ready and available to answer any questions or just discuss something with you. These are Monday – Friday. Your child’s teacher may be inviting you to ZOOM meetings as well. Primary Zoom meetings will take place between 8:00am to 10:00am. If your teacher schedules one, you will receive an invitation from her to join the meeting. We will also be posting special class (PE, Guidance, Music, Art, and Library) activities for the week on this page as well. You can find these in the tab to the left named, “Specials Weekly Challenge.”

If you need any technological assistance or assistance of any sort that you do not receive from your child’s teacher, please email:
Lisa Moore
Josh Silver

Here are some helpful resources that you may want to use during this time at home:
OETA has worked to provide some great learning tools all throughout the day. Here is the link: 
Our Read N Quiz is open and available for home use now. Here is the link: 
Study Island Link: 

Your individual teachers will be providing you with many more ideas and programs to use. I would highly suggest using simple things with your children as well: reading them a story and asking questions about it, sitting down and having a good conversation or one on one activity, encouraging them to play outside and use their imagination to create something, singing together, and just spending time with each other. Working together, we will navigate this journey very successfully!!!

Lisa Moore